Hastings Liquor Accord Membership

This membership is for a 1 year subscription to the Hastings Liquor Accord. MEMBERSHIP SCHEDULE (PER ANNUM)
  • Clubs and Hotels $150
  • Clubs & Hotels Port Macquarie CBD $300
  • On-Premises Liquor Licence (Licensed Restaurants & Small Bars) $100
  • Industry Affiliates (No Voting Rights) $100
  • Limited Liquor Licence (Sports Clubs, BYO Restaurants, Others) $50
  • Packaged Liquor Licence (Bottleshop’s) $100
  • Producer Wholesaler Liquor Licence $50
This video has been developed to assist liquor accord groups to encourage accord membership and participation. It highlights the benefits of joining a liquor accord group to address alcohol-related issues in local communities and contribute to a safe, enjoyable and vibrant liquor industry.
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